Brycen Corporation is committed to achieving the "SDGs"
(Sustainable Development Goals).


Brycen SDGs Declaration!

Based on the management principles of "pursuing high quality and high added value," "borderless," and "transparency in business operations," Brycen Corporation has been expanding its offshore business in four locations around the world (Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Korea), actively recruiting and training foreign personnel, and creating a fair and non-discriminatory work environment and personnel system. We are contributing to economic development globally by expanding our offshore business in four locations worldwide (Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Korea), actively recruiting and training foreign personnel, and creating a fair and non-discriminatory work environment and personnel system.
Among the 17 goals under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations, we have identified the following three as priority issues to be addressed: "4. Quality education for all," "8. Job satisfaction and economic growth," and "9. We continue to work on these issues through our business activities. By pursuing these goals through our business activities, we strive to realize a society in which people worldwide feel happy.

[Our priority issues]

  • 4. High-quality education for all
  • 8. Job satisfaction and economic growth
  • 9. Create the foundation for industrial and technological innovation


Chief Executive Officer and President    Masaru Fujiki


High-quality education for all

Full-scale training programs

To solve the many problems that the world is currently facing and realize a sustainable society, we focus on fostering independent business persons with a rich human spirit and creating the future on their initiative. We provide various training programs for young employees, ranging from technical skills to general education. Through these programs, we contribute to developing young people with the skills necessary to work and start their businesses humanly and uniquely.
As one of our current initiatives, we assign on-the-job training (OJT) supervisors to all employees after joining the company, aiming to make them practical as soon as possible. Once a month, they have the opportunity to present their progress toward the mission and their learning and insights.
In addition, for our employees to acquire technical skills as engineers and basic knowledge and skills in sales from an early stage, we provide approximately 10 months of training after joining the company and after their job offer.

On-the-job training On-the-job training

Global job rotation

Human resources who can create their own business with flexible and global ideas without being bound by existing frameworks are essential in realizing a sustainable society. We believe that human resources that can create such a future are vital management assets for our growth. For this reason, we have implemented a global job rotation program across our four global bases (Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Korea) to develop human resources with the ability to catch up with market and technological trends and respond to changes while directly experiencing the culture, business practices, and sense of challenges of each country. To do this, we use the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) program in addition to our internal secondment system.

Seconded employees from Vietnam entering Japan Seconded employees from Vietnam entering Japan
Seconded employees from Vietnam engaged in business in Japan Seconded employees from Vietnam engaged in business in Japan

Job satisfaction and economic growth

Expansion of offshore businesses

Through our offshore business in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia, we contribute to stable economic growth by promoting the creation of a society where everyone can work productively as human beings.
Our offshore business started in 1997 with our support for the "Association to Support Children's Homes in Vietnam (support for children who have lost their parents and have no relatives). Since then, as we continued to extend support, our activities have progressed to include helping students study abroad, providing them with technical education as engineers, and providing them with employment opportunities, and in 2009 we established Brycen Vietnam.
Presently, Brycen Vietnam, together with Brycen Myanmar and Brycen Cambodia as our offshores bases support the Group. In addition, Brycen Vietnam has established strong partnerships with local governments, universities, and other educational institutions in Vietnam, providing rewarding and economically enriching opportunities for local employees.
We will continue to contribute to each country's decent work and economic growth through the expansion of our offshore businesses.

Employees in Vietnam Employees in Vietnam
Employees in Myanmar Employees in Myanmar

Creating a Safe and Secure Work Environment

Our company hires 10 to 30 new employees every year, and many of them are foreign nationals (actual number of new graduates hired in 22 out of 30). For this reason, we provide dormitories for young employees and a Japanese language education support system (with a maximum monthly subsidy of 25,000 yen) to create an environment where foreign employees who have lived in Japan for a short time can work in Japan with peace of mind. In addition, to ensure that a diverse range of human resources can play an active role, our personnel evaluation system uses absolute evaluation without regard to age, gender, or nationality, and human resources are assigned according to their experience and skills.

Brycen's foreign employees Brycen's foreign employees
The Tottori Development Center The Tottori Development Center

Building a foundation for industry
and technological innovation

Supporting the creation of a global logistics infrastructure

Our independently developed warehouse management system has been adopted not only by our customers in Japan but also by those in Vietnam, contributing to the sophistication and efficiency of the logistics infrastructure in Vietnam, where mail-order needs and international trade logistics continue to expand.
An efficient and reliable logistics infrastructure is essential to create a sustainable industrial base. In the future, developing countries will need to manage logistics more efficiently and with fewer human errors as the demand for improved logistics throughput increases due to the growing need for mail-orders and the development of land-based infrastructure.
Our company and the Group (Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia) continue to support the development of global logistics infrastructure in ASEAN countries and promote the realization of a society where everyone can enjoy the benefits of such infrastructure.

Creation of technological innovation

As indicated by Society 5.0 proposed by the Cabinet Office, to achieve both economic development and solutions to social issues and realize a society where every individual can play an active and comfortable role, creating new value that has never been seen before by making full use of advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, 8K, and 5G is essential. To continuously create new value for society as a whole in cooperation with our customers and partners, we are constantly taking on the challenge of developing new technologies on various themes.

Results of AI-based 8K video analysis conducted with Second Sight*. Results of AI-based 8K video analysis conducted with Second Sight*.

As a result of the AI analysis of 8K 60FPS video, we confirmed that compared to 4K video analysis, the contours of distant people were clearer, and the detection accuracy increased

<Detection accuracy at each resolution>
4K:    61% (75 people/122 people)
8K:    98% (119 people/122 people)